Mesyuarat Program " English In Camp"

Mesyuarat Penyelaras Program "English In Camp"
Sempena Lawatan Wichienchom School , Munag District ,
Songkla Province , Thailand.

Mesyuarat jawatankuasa induk program tersebut telah diadakan di Bilik Gerakan SK Convent dan telah dipengerusikan oleh Tn. Haji Abdul Hamid bin Abu Bakar , Ketua Sektor Pengurusan Sekolah , Jabatan Pelajaran Pahang.

SK Convent telah dipilih menjadi lokasi bagi program tersebut sempena lawatan Wichienchom School , Munag District , Songkla Province , Thailand ke Malaysia.
Mesyuarat diadakan bagi menyelaraskan perjalanan program tersebut dan membentuk jawatankuasa kerja peringkat daerah.


English - In - Camp provides an avenue for participants to immerse themselves in an English speaking environment.

The objectives of EIC are enable participants to :
i) to feel at ease in using the English language to communicate.
ii) experience using the language in a joyful and lively atmosphere.
iii) communicate more effectively and confidently.
iv) build positive attitudes with the inculcation of moral values.
v)think critically and creatively in English at the appropriate
time and situation.
vi) develop their leadership qualities by involving themselves
as leaders in the various activities organized in the camp.

i) Convent Primary School Year 4 , Year 5 and Year 6 students
( 50 pupils).
ii) Wichienchom School student (50 pupils).
iii) Pahang State Educations Department Officers.
iv) Cameron Highlands Educations Department Officers.
v) Facilitators.
vi) Teachers and officers from Thailand.

Convent Primary School , Tanah Rata , Cameron Highlands, Pahang.

2nd August 2008