One Convent

Sitting from left: Pn. Anizawati, Pn. Selvi Victoria, Pn. Suriati Zaini (Senior Assistant Pupils Affair), En. Norzihan (Headmaster), En. Khairil Anwar (Senior Assistant Co-Curriculum), En. Syahida Fazna, Pn. Rohaini.
Second row from left: Pn. Nurul Huda, Pn. Hasfiza, Pn. Azean, Cik Syeeri Syahida, Cik Azlili, Pn. Yap Su Sun, Pn. Zaimah
Third row from left: Pn. Mazita, Cik Anis Amera, Pn. Rafizawati, Pn. Khor Wui Kean, Pn. Azila, Pn. Supiah, Cik Kamsiah, Pn. Suhana, Pn. Dahliah.

Pre School Trip To Brinchang Police Station

Pre school of SK Convent has visited the District Police Station as their monthly programme. The visit commenced at 9.00 a.m until at 11.30 a.m. The group was fortunate as the tour was guided by a friendly Sergeant Mazlan. The main objectives of the visit are:
a. to create self awareness about the importance of safety in the society
b. to educate the pupils of the duties of police officers
c. to foster a friendly relationship among school children and the police team